Nov 19, 2017 @ 07:45 PM

Safety Tips for Parents (at Black Friday)

If you are a shopper out to get the best deals, then Black Friday is your kind of day! 

Bringing along your children can create challenges as you plan to navigate the crowds and shop until you drop. When children with disabilities are part of your shopping team, you will need to make additional plans to ensure your shopping trip is a success.

1. Be sensitive to your child’s sensory needs as crowds, lots of noise, and all of the excitement may overwhelm their sensory systems.  Additional rest breaks may be necessary.  You may also be able to use ear plugs or other items to decrease the sensory overload.

2. Plan for your child’s mobility needs. This may include a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility device. Parking, navigating crowds, and fatigue can all play a role in your child’s ability to tolerate a long day of shopping. Build in more rest breaks and try to keep distances shorter to accommodate for these needs.

3. Children with language and communication challenges may have difficulty communicating with strangers or store workers if they get lost. In a crowd it can be easy for children to wander off or get separated from parents.  If you child has difficulty providing a phone number or parent name, you may want to create a card or tag with that information to help them if they need it.

4. Bring snacks! This can help keep your child going on long day of shopping.  This is particularly important for children with special nutrition needs.

Following these tips will help make your Black Friday shopping day a success!

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