Nov 16, 2017 @ 05:50 PM

5 apps for children with disabilities

Have you ever wondered how many apps you use every day?

Mobile apps have drastically changed the way we live. Which is why we’re sharing five apps designed specifically for people with disabilities. These apps can help improve language skills, as well as a child’s cognition, socialization and independence.

  1. Speech4Good

This is a language therapy application that helps users improve their speech abilities.

It allows its users to have a record of their practice sessions to follow up on their achievements.

Available for iOS.

  1. The ASL App

This app works as an assistant to learn more than 1500 phrases and words in American Sign Language (ASL). It contains signs to help its users keep simple conversations.

Available for Android and iOS.

  1. Sono Flex Lite

This app can transform any touchscreen into a communication board. Sono Flex Lite consists of a set of symbols / images that can turn into spoken language when selected.

Available for iOS

  1. Prepositions Journey

This app is a very useful tool to teach children prepositions in English. It is designed with colorful elements and animated scenes to make learning more interactive.

Available for iOS.

  1. Category Carousel

With this application, children can learn to categorize words and concepts while strengthening their listening and speaking skills. When selecting an image, its name is reproduced so that the child can place the image in the correct category.

Available for iOS.

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