Aug 17, 2016 @ 09:13 AM

A Message from the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute Executive Director

I am pleased to present Inclusion For All Children, a new initiative from the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute that I believe will contribute to the effort of including those with disabilities or special needs in our daily lives.

Inclusive environments are designed to provide an educational setting in which all children are encouraged to learn about disabilities and be a friend to those with special needs. We encourage educational institutions, public and private, to welcome children with special needs, as disabilities can create barriers in children, making them feel frustrated, isolated, and less independent.

Parents, teach your children about peers with special needs. They need to know and understand that some children can be born differently abled or become that way from an accident or illness. They need to understand that having a disability can, in fact, mean a person brings unique gifts into the lives of others. Respectful language when talking about someone with these different abilities is imperative.

Please help us educate others about the importance of including special needs children in all environments through sharing our new Inclusion For All Children content on this site. Click here to read our latest inclusion article. I hope that our new stories and strategies inspire others to help special needs children break those exclusion barriers. Our children need to frequently and consistently interact with other peers, adults and participate in activities to the fullest extent possible to help them reach their full potential.


Ricardo Guzman
Executive Director


About the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute
We are a new pediatric research and rehabilitation health center that is leading the way the world perceives, treats and integrates differently abled children and their families into society across the U.S.

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